We came to be because there were no ceramic studios with gas kilns or lots of open studio hours in this part of Brooklyn.

but now there are.


Classroom studio

Classroom Studio

Classroom Studio

Members Studio

Glaze Room

Glaze Room/Kiln Room


BKLYN CLAY is a modern ceramics studio for potters, artists, production clayworkers, and hobbyists, with the first community Gas Kiln in Brooklyn. We are located in the S.Slope/Greenwood Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.


Classes  We offer multi-level wheel throwing and hand-building classes for adults, and after-school and summer classes for kids. Classes are offered in 12 week semesters. Wheel classes focus solely on wheel throwing; Hand-building encompasses all hand-building methods and techniques; Mixed Discipline incorporates wheel throwing with hand-building techniques.

Membership BKLYN CLAY membership provides each member a private shelf space and personal door code allowing 24/7 access to open studio hours that provide clay-workers with generous and flexible time to work, practice skills, and produce work in a fully outfitted studio space.


Firing Fees The cost of firing your work is separate from classes and membership fees.  We provide four stoneware clay bodies (white, brown, red, and sculpture) and offer porcelain at the additional cost of $20/bag.  The cost of firing is calculated at a rate of 5 cents per cubic inch for both firings (half that for only one firing).  We fire bisque work at cone 06 and glaze work at cones 04, 6, and 10 (gas reduction firing).




673 5TH Avenue (20th street)




Interior Design / Hanlin Design 

Our gas kiln

Out gas kiln distinguishes us in Brooklyn because there are so few communal gas kilns in the NYC area, and in Brooklyn we are the first. Our gas kiln is built by Jim Bailey and his team at Bailey Ceramic Supply in upstate New York. 

Gas kilns and reduction firing are unique because they offer a vastly different dimension to ceramic work than electric kiln firing.  A gas-burning kiln demands a great deal of oxygen; that oxygen reduction process leaves its mark on both clay bodies and glazes by modifying color and visual texture. Clay body color is deepened and visual texture enhanced by dark spots that occur in a random manner over the surface.