Summer Day Camp for Kids

BKLYN CLAY offers 4 weeks of summer camps in July (and a little bit of August)  Weeks 1-3 for kids ages 8 up. Week 4 for teens (13-17)

Kids will learn various wheel and hand-building techniques through a series of projects based on the theme of the week.  Allowing individual creativity through a basic structure.

Kids Camp: Week 1

Games & Toys
(July 10-14) 

In this class, students will be exposed to both handbuilding and wheel techniques. With the notion of creating games and toys. 

Some possibilites:
Mancala Board & Pieces
Chess Pieces
Building Blocks
Slab plates with food games

In making games, kids create functional objects that they can put to use. Employing tools such as the extruder (a serious play-doh press) slab roller and rolling pins. Kids will make and paint their own favorite games or games they invent.


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Kids Camp: Week 2

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral  
July 17-21

In this class, students will be exposed to both handbuilding and wheel techniques. We will look at works by contemporary artists Shio Kusaka, Stephen Bird, David Shrigley & Picasso in clay. 

Some possibilites:
Slab-built pet dishes
Bird feeders
Clay Animals
Piggy Banks
Animal Planters
Animal Wind Chimes
Bird feeders

Kids consider the living world and warm up to clay by hand-building small clay animals, then move onto the wheel making small dishes to construct bird-feeders, and small planters. Slab-construction helps to build larger pet dishes, pet tags & plant markers. 


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Kids Camp: Week 3

Things That Work  
July 24-28

Handmade ceramics come together with mechanisms to create things that really work! Like clocks, lamps, night lights and ceramic iphone speakers. Kids use the wheel and handbuilding techniques to complete their projects.

Some possibilites:
Candle holders
Ceramic iphone Speaker
Salt and pepper shakers
Watering devices
Ceramic Ice Cream cones
Mortar and Pestle


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Kids Camp: Week 4

Teen Week  
July 31-August 4

Students will be introduced to a little ceramic art history followed by instruction discussing a variety of techniques, project ideas, and ceramic styles. Students will be given demonstrations and receive instruction, while also being encouraged to work independently in an effort to develop their own body of work and ceramic personality. 

Some possibilites:
A dinner service
Teapot/tea strainer
Jewelry: beads, rings, earrings


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