Let's party!

Kid or not enjoy a hands on celebration guided by a teaching artists who lead the group in a private clarty™ (class/party) of your design.  1.5-2 hours.

A 10 person party fits perfectly with our 10 wheels, an instructor demonstrates, then guides the group in an experiential hour on the wheel.  You don't need to keep work but if you'd like to keep what you make, we can trim/bisque (1st firing) and glaze (2nd firing) your piece for you  (this can take 2-4 weeks).

Wheel: $650 group of up to 10 people on the wheel.  Includes 1 piece for each person.

Hand-building can include a larger group of wine swilling adults or provide a casual fun experience that works well for small children. Hand-building uses a variety of techniques to produce pieces; pinch or coil a salt cellar, shape a new species of animal, or the new clay iPhone 7! Add your own food and drink and it's a party. 

Handbuilding: $475 group of up to 10 people, $40 per person after 10, (limited to 20 people).  Includes 1 completed piece for each person.

Contact: jen@bklynclay.com