Studio Information

Practicing and studying at BKLYN CLAY There are two ways to be a part of the BKLYN CLAY community. As either a student or a member.  For students we offer 12-week sessions in wheel, hand-building and mixed discipline (the two combined) As a student you are welcome to practice as much as you like during open studio hours. Members are clay workers and potters with an understanding of clay and some sort of established practice who rent shelf space and have 24/7 access to the members studio space and all of the tools. 

Drop ins? We offer occasional 1 night pop-up classes guided by an instructor, that give folks the chance to work on the wheel. Sign up for our email updates and look for our announcements on Instagram. (@bklynclay) 

Private lessons? Private lessons can be provided for 1 or more, call or email to schedule. 

Firing fees are separate from classes and membership fees (5¢ per cubic inch) for two firings (bisque and glaze) or 2.5¢ cents per cubic inch for a single fire. There is a $1 minimum charge on all pieces, including single fired work. We fire cones 04, 6, and gas cone 10 reduction. 

Clay bodies  We offer 5 clay bodies, these are paid for via firing fees.  White and dark stoneware, Brooklyn Red, a sculpture body and an English porcelain, which can be purchased for $20 per 25lb. bag. BKLYN CLAY reclaims and recycle all the clay remnants for community use. All clay bodies fire at cone 6 and 10.