Membership Deposit

Membership Deposits

Thank you for joining our membership waitlist! If you are on this page, we have emailed you an invitation to join BKLYN CLAY as a member. Once you submit your deposit, your membership will be confirmed. By submitting your deposit, you are committing to a minimum of three months membership at the BKLYN CLAY Prospect Heights location beginning November 1, 2018.

Memberships include 24/7/365 access to studio facilities, including all of the studio equipment (slab roller, wheels, extruder, clay, glazes, ceramic 3D printer, full-size color decal printer, slip-casting, spray booth, photo booth, etc.), clay, glazes, and either a private shelf (approximately 4 feet long x 18 inches deep x 18 inches tall) for $275/month or a semi-private workspace (adjustable height desk and multiple shelves) for $600/month. All prices include tax. The only additional costs are firing fees at 3 cents per cubic inch per firing and specialty clays (like porcelain).

You can select either a shelf or semi-private space membership below when making your deposit. You may pay either one-month up front, or three months up front. If you pay three months up front, we will give you a firing fee credit of $25 per month for each of your first three months of membership.

Please contact us at info@bklynclay.com if you have any questions!