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Membership Deposits

Thank you for your interest in BKLYN CLAY’s membership program! Once you submit your deposit, your membership will be confirmed. By submitting your deposit, you are committing to a minimum of three months membership at the BKLYN CLAY Prospect Heights location beginning December 1, 2018.

Memberships include 24/7/365 access to studio facilities, including all of the studio equipment (wheels, slab roller, extruder, ceramic 3D printer, full-size color decal printer, slip-casting, spray booth, photo booth, etc.), clay, glazes, and either a private shelf (approximately 4 feet long x 18 inches deep x 18 inches tall) for $275/month or a semi-private workspace (adjustable height desk and multiple shelves) for $600/month. All prices include tax. The only additional costs are firing fees at 3 cents per cubic inch per firing and specialty clays (like porcelain). Members must be able to work independently, as membership does not include instruction.

Our studio clays are white stoneware, Brooklyn red, and white sculpture. We also will recycle white, black, and blue porcelain that will be available at a nominal fee per bag.

If you have questions, please feel free to email us at info@bklynclay.com or give us a call at 845.481.3842 - we would be happy to talk to you about our aesthetic and amenities for members, and set up a time for a tour!

We will have 210 members in our 5,260 square foot space with 46 wheels. 16 of those wheels are for members, the rest are in classrooms, which are also accessible to members when classes are not in session. We are confident that this will be plenty of space for our members and students to work without having to wait for a wheel or space to work!

We are currently accepting deposits for membership beginning on December 1, 2018 - we are filling up quickly and do expect to be sold out by the time we open. To secure your space, please submit a deposit below! You can select either a shelf or semi-private space membership below when making your deposit. You may pay either one-month up front, or three months up front. If you pay three months up front, we will give you a firing fee credit of $25 per month for each of your first three months of membership.

A few notes on the new space before you press "go" - we will open with cone 6 oxidation firing and add cone 10 oxidation firing ASAP. We plan to add cone 10 gas reduction firing within the first year. Some of the new equipment may not be ready to go from day one, and will take a little time to set up and work out the kinks - this includes: ceramic 3D printer, ceramic decal printer, and slip-casting station. We will work hard to get everything running smoothly ASAP!

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