Our Team


Our Team


Jennifer Waverek Owner/Director

Jennifer has 30+ years of experience in brand strategy and graphic design, working both in-house and as a principle partner in her own creative agency. She’s worked for fortune 500 companies such as Martha Stewart Living, Clinique, and Donna Karan to local boutiques and art collectives. Jennifer holds a BA in Visual Arts and Art History from Columbia University. Jennifer has shown work in the disciplines of painting, printmaking, graphic design, and handbuilt ceramics.

Jennifer is the creative director and brand strategist behind BKLYN CLAY.


Laura vogel assistant director

Laura is a retired attorney currently working in the field of digital strategy, marketing, and production. She owns her own digital production company, Winged Pup Productions, which has operated out of Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA for the past 5 years. Her clients include leaders in the field of entertainment, as well as the non-profit world. Laura holds a JD from Brooklyn Law School and a BA in Philosophy, Anthropology, and Fine Arts from New York University. Laura creates wheel-thrown ceramic work.

Laura is the producer and logistics specialist behind BKLYN CLAY.

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Anders Hamilton co-studio manager

Anders is a Brooklyn based artist and writer. He received his BFA from the University of Minnesota where he later worked as a ceramics technician and teaching specialist. He has written for Cfile as a Spotted columnist and for MPLS Art as a guest writer. Since moving to New York he has held fabrication and technician positions at various studios including the Tom Sachs Studio and David Altmejd Studio. His own work makes use of various materials to work through concept based projects.


Gustav Hamilton co-studio manager

Gustav Hamilton is a Brooklyn based artist. He received his MFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and his BFA from the University of Montana. Prior to moving to New York City he was a Visiting Professor at Colorado State University. His sculptures and paintings exist as auto-fictitious objects where real life events merge with fictional narrative. In this space of total authorship family heirlooms have as much relevance as imagined encounters.

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Demetria Chappo

Demetria Chappo’s work utilizes organic and architectural form, intricate surfaces, and universal symbolism. Her ceramics recall places she’s lived along with the spirited iconography of the universe, earth and waters. This fall, Demetria will be teaching Handbuilding for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.



Nan Carey

Nan Carey is a painter, potter and teacher. She holds a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Nan combines wheel-throwing and hand building to create whimsical, animal-centric clay work.



Corinne chase

Corinne Chase is a sculptor based in Brooklyn, NY who primarily works in ceramics, mixed materials, metal casting, performance art and dance.  Chase engages with time and gravity as a counterpart in capturing artifacts of gesture between artist and material. In 2017 she graduated from Alfred University New York State College of Ceramics with a BFA in ceramic sculpture and minor in dance.


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Will Coggin

William Coggin’s work focuses on organic shapes inspired by imaginative microorganisms. These forms exist as wheel thrown vessels, large scale sculptures, and wall reliefs. This fall, William will be teaching Advanced Wheel Throwing at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.



Cammi climaco

Cammi Climaco is a multidisciplinary artist with a deep focus in ceramics. She has an MFA in Ceramics from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Cammi has taught at UNC Chapel Hill, Pratt and the 92Y. 


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Jeff Close

Jeff Close is a ceramist, designer, and artist based in Brooklyn, NY whose work explores an inclination towards fine art, architecture, and functionality within the context of 21st century design. He is a graduate of New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2017. This fall, Jeff will be teaching Intermediate Wheel Throwing at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.



Rebecca Manson

Rebecca Manson graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. She has exhibited at galleries and institutions across the United States and Internationally. Manson works primarily with ceramics, metal, plaster, and epoxy and also creates works on paper. 


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Emelyn Daly

Emelyn Daly began studying ceramics in 5th grade and instantly fell in love with the pottery wheel. Since then, she has been a Fulbright Scholar, teacher, and more. She creates functional vessels with sensuous contours and bold glazes. Emelyn is looking forward to sharing her experience and love of clay with her students.


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Kelley Donahue

Kelley Donahue thinks of her work as contemporary folk art reconstructed through the methodology of a cosmic-seeker. Her work utilizes wheel throwing and handbuilding techniques, and is finished with detailed surface imagery highlighted by vibrant waves of color. This fall, Kelley will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners and Handbuilding for beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Luc Hammond-Thomas is a native New Yorker, from the Lower East Side. He received his BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University where his primary focus was in ceramics and woodworking. This fall, Luc will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Haakon Lenzi

Haakon Lenzi makes pots and vessels as a way of exploring form and color. High craft, folk pottery, art history, societal development, jazz, blues, emotions, and nostalgia are prevalent themes within his work. As a lifelong New Yorker, Haakon considers his work to be a reflection of his home; visually and culturally dense with a sense of manic urgency. This fall, Haakon will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Varvara “Sam” Mokrushina

Within her work Varvara Mokrushina strives to reproduce the charm and comfort of a worn out sweater. Inspired by traditional forms, she preserves and presents evidence of process and brings the warmth of human touch to the vitrified ceramic body. This fall, Varvara will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners and Ceramics (wheel and handbuilding) for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Julie Knight

Julie Knight is a studio potter and a graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design, where she studied printmaking and ceramics. She specializes in functional work focusing on simple form and surface decoration. This fall, Julie will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.



Dave kim

Dave Kim the Potter uses direct influence from his cultural heritage as a Korean to apply developed aesthetics to his functional pottery. Currently working in Brooklyn, NY, he believes that creating historic Korean pottery preserves a culture that is slowly dissipating by the modern society.  

Each pottery Kim creates collects elements of form, decoration, color and material from various traditional Korean pottery styles, individually offering a wide variety of styles such as Sang-gam(Korean inlay technique), Baek-ja(porcelain-ware typically known for Moonjars), or Bun-cheong(technique that uses stamps).

Producing work that has been done for centuries, Kim still challenges the limits of what can be done by following the ways of Korean pottery. His experimental interest has also enabled him to create new bodies of work that has strayed away from the tradition yet very grounded at the core of what Korean pottery is; simplicity that represents natural, unpretentious beauty.


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Aimee Odum

Aimee Odum utilizes video, objects and installation to address the slippery merge between virtual and natural worlds. This fall, Aimee will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners and Ceramics for Beginners (wheel and handbuilding) at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Adams Puryear

Adams Puryear’s work explores the internet’s convoluted information and how it can be represented by tactile materials and different media. Experimenting with alternate physical translations of the internet’s anti-filter, Adams continues to return to materials of ceramic and gypsum to create historically sedimented sculptural elements. This fall, Adams will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Ryan Rennie

Ryan Rennie  is a sculptor and installation artist specializing in hand built and cast forms, in addition to a variety of other ceramic processes. His work navigates ideas of prehistory as it relates to contemporary subculture. This fall, Ryan will be teaching Handbuilding for Beginners, Wheel Throwing for Beginners, and Ceramics for Kids at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location. In addition to teaching at BKLYN CLAY, Rennie has taught ceramics at a variety of institutions including Alfred University, The Maryland Institute College of Art, and Greenwich House Pottery. He received his MFA from Alfred University in 2017, and is currently preparing for a group exhibition at The Delaware Art Museum.


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Carolina Rubio MacWright

Carolina Rubio MacWright is an interdisciplinary artist whose work embodies a passion for trying to make sense of fear and the loss of freedom. She aims to make visible the tension that exists between feelings of hope and despair so that viewers might also be impassioned to deeply consider the injustices taking place today. This fall, Carolina will be teaching a number of courses at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights offered for free to the immigrant and local community.

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Nadine Sobel

Nadine Sobel is a Brooklyn based artist whose work explores comfort, empathy, humor, mysticism, and the human condition. She graduated from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 2006. This Fall, Nadine will be teaching Handbuilding for Beginners and Ceramics for Kids.


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Adriel Tong

Adriel Tong uses representational, modern day forms and natural objects, to investigate social and political issues. His works are reduced to a straightforward, recognizable form, which harbor clues and further context to be interpreted and scrutinized. This fall, Adriel will be teaching Wheel Throwing for Beginners at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Derek Weisberg

Derek Weisberg’s work acknowledges the fleeting nature of life and captures the brief moments of serenity within it. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he received a BFA in ceramics from the California College of Arts and Crafts. This fall, Derek will be teaching Handbuilding at BKLYN CLAY’s new Prospect Heights location.


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Dustin Yager

Dustin Yager is a ceramic artist whose installation and functional work deals with popular perceptions of pottery, taste, class, and all that goes along with it. Yager earned a Master of Arts degree in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and holds a BA from Carleton College.