Outside Firing

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Outside Firing

BKLYN CLAY offers outside firing (firing for non-members and non-students) for individual pieces at a rate of 6 cents per cubic inch per firing. We offer firings for bisque (at cone 06) and glaze (at cone 6) using clay bodies and materials either from our studio, or approved by one of our studio managers. Glaze firing comes with the use of our glazes, bisque firing does not, though you may purchase clay from us by the bag (prices depend on which clay you would like to purchase).

Turn around time is based on the volume of work currently moving through the studio - we fire kilns as soon as they are full, but must prioritize member and student work.

Individual kiln rental is available to members. Students and ceramic artists from outside of the studio may be able to rent a kiln, but only if we have availability based on the current volume of member and student work.

For inquiries, please email info@bklynclay.com

Small Barrel Kiln
$75 for members
$150 for outside firing
2,827 cubic inches
Usable Space: diameter 15” x height 15.5”

Medium Barrel Kiln
$200 for members
$400 for outside firing
16,459 cubic inches
Usable Space: diameter 26” x height 29”

Oval Kiln
$300 for members
$600 for outside
21,314 cubic inches
Usable Space: width 25.75” x length 42” x height 23”

Fredrickson Front Loader Kiln
Coming Soon